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Brian Lopez - Static Noise

Singer/Songwriter Brian Lopez’s new album STATIC NOISE is now in the home stretch.

The first single Persephone is out on Triple A and College radio, and now available for digital download everywhere.

As we get closer to the full album’s release in September, keep an eye out for more teasers!  - Crossfire Cries is already available for streaming on SoundCloud and a music video for Persephone is just around the corner.


Haven’t heard Crossfire Cries yet? Check it out here:

We’ll also have exciting news regarding a special two night show in Tucson, so keep your eyes peeled for new Brian news.

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Andy PalmerAndy Palmer’s style has been labeled many things – alternative, smokey, gritty, heartfelt and dark.

But no matter what you call it, this guy is the real deal. Palmer recently performed at the Boulder Theater supporting Trevor Hall, and lucky for us, we were able to get our hands on some live recordings. If you had any doubts in his prowess, listen to this live acoustic performance that Funzalo is premiering from that night.  The aforementioned styles don’t do it justice.

Andy will be working with Emmy winning producer Steve Vidaic at Immersive Studios in the coming months to produce new music – stay tuned as we’ll have future updates like studio pictures, music samples and track names. Andy Palmer is also being features on Comcast Entertainment Television’s spotlight for a July 4th special celebrating Colorado musicians. View the teaser video below and check it out if you’re a subscriber.

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Rich HopkinsRich Hopkins has quite the history when it comes to alternative desert rock.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, his band the Sidewinders garnered critical acclaim, landing spots on top radio charts and landing releasing albums on major record labels. Soon after, the Sidewinders had to change their name to the Sand Rubies, but Rich Hopkins kept on creating, and released a plethora of albums under different monikers. Now fans can keep up with the Sidewinders/Sand Rubies history with 151 page photo book, available on Amazon – CLICK HERE for details.

Rich Hopkins & The Luminarios have a new album due out early October with a CD Release party on October 15th.  Those of you in the Houston area – the release party will be at the Mucky Duck.  This is the 15th Luminarios album to date and will be released on San Jacinto/Commanchero Records.  All of Rich Hopkins discography is available digitally as well.

Listen to the song “Dark Side of the Spoon” from Rich’s album Buried Treasures

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The Richmond, VA band Tarrant is one of the leading lights on the city’s burgeoning music scene thanks to their rollicking live shows and a sweetly simmering debut EP of authentic yet contemporary American roots rock, Lazarus.

They draw from deep stylistic sources with a contemporary flair to rock Americana into broader, deeper and more adventurous realms, bouyed by soulful Southern rhythms.

Check out this great documentary video about Tarrant

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Johnny Guitar is back at it again – after re-mixing his previous album with a new lead singer, he’s back in the studio again writing a whole new record, Beautiful Mystery.

Looking at a fall release, Johnny and crew are hard at work all summer, bringing you new vocals, new attitude and a whole lot of guitar.

Listen to the re-mixed version of “Can’t Hang” by Brickwall Jackson

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PUFFERSFrom multi-talented musician Jeffrey Diamond comes the noise-rock band Moondy, for fans of The Jesus Lizard, Dinosaur Jr., and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Available now, Moondy’s first album Turnip is 11 songs described as “sometimes Beatlesque, sometimes new-wavey, sometimes reminiscent of ‘70’s AOR singer/songwriter fare—as icy cool as his Nord synthesizer and as comfortably warm as his Fender Rhodes electric piano…Turnip is a remarkably consistent, expertly arranged and sharply produced collection of first-rate material.”

Keep an eye out for Moondy’s new album Puffers, due for release August 5th.

For fans of the previously said bands, expect an even fuzzier creation of the genre that so many have grown up with and loved.

Check out the lyric video for “BOO” by MOONDY

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