Amelia White

Amelia White was just 10 when she saved up her allowance to buy a guitar her brother had brought home from his Navy days, a 1968 Martin D-18 she still uses to this day. “I started writing quite young,” she says. “And sometimes people think I’m spacey, but that’s because these songs will not let go of me.” A grandfather Amelia never knew played banjo on the porch of his Virginia home every night, but White’s parents often fought her “tooth and nail” over her musical ambitions. “I knew what I wanted at a young age,” she says, “and their disapproval lit a fire. I listened over and over to my brothers records: Neil Young, Beatles, Stones, and Muddy Waters, and I wanted to know them all, I wanted to be them.”

Her travels landed her in Nashville a dozen years ago. She’s found a sense of family – friends, outcasts, lovers, and many musical partners who share asimilar drive, and sensitivity to heartache. She also found a growing number of fans of her songwriting. With her 2006 album “Black Doves” (released by Funzalo Records), Amelia began playing stages like eTown, circuits in Europe, and sharing shows with some of her heroes: Rosie Flores, Asleep At The Wheel, Slaid Cleaves, and Tim O’Brien. Some of her songs found there way into TV shows such as “Justified” and “Summerland.”