Robin Lane

Funzalo has two full collections from Robin Lane called Out of the Ashes and The Sweet Candy Collection and released the Deli Platters Versions, all the original recordings from before Robin Lane & The Chartbusters were signed to Warner Bros.

Robin Lane & The Chartbusters were one of the first 20 bands played on a new channel in 1981 called MTV. The song, titled When Things Go Wrong, was recently featured in Adam Sandler’s movie, Grown Ups. And we have a re-recorded version of that song that can be used free & clear. We have quite a catalogue of old and new material from Robin Lane – covering many moods and genres.

Robin’s songs, and the music she helps others create, provide the soundtrack for a range of moods, thoughts, and obsessions. Her successes and failures, along with her determination to create, to sing, to touch other lives, and to live an authentic life, speak to the human spirit in a profound and universal language. Robin’s current work makes us reconsider the influence and importance of music in a culture where the forgotten voices often sing the most powerful songs.

In 2001, Robin Lane began the program, A Woman’s Voice, to give women silenced by trauma the opportunity to tell their stories through singing and songwriting. The program is the culmination of Robin’s own journey as a singer-songwriter and mother, and her adventurous and tumultuous search for creative fulfillment. It is the story of the 60’s counterculture and its fall out, punk rock and Boston’s growing music scene in the 70’s, and the challenges of sustaining a career as an artist and single mother. “A Woman’s Voice: The Robin Lane Story” discovers what determination, resilience, and the gift of music is ultimately all about.

Deli Platters Versions - Robin Lane   

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