The Breakers DK

The Breakers was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2002. Their first album, What I Want, was released in January 2004 on Sony Denmark. Their second album, Here For A Laugh, was released in Denmark in January 2006 on Good Guy’s Recording Company and later in USA and Canada in May 2007 on Funzalo Records. The US/Canada release was sent put under the name “The Breakers DK”, as they had to add the “DK” to differentiate themselves from other bands named “The Breakers”.

Luckily for the fellas, and for Danish lovers of the rocking and the rolling, the band’s former promotions guy from Sony was starting his own label. He hooked up with the Breakers DK and had the band re-record the album, this time with ex-Bob Dylan guitarist Billy Cross producing, and Fort Apache bigshots Sean Slade and Paul Q. Kolderie mixing. Here For A Laugh came out in the band’s neck of the woods – meaning Denmark and some other places over in them parts — and immediately started getting noticed. The re-recording process had forced the band to revise and freshly realize the songs, and it marked a big step forward artistically for the Breakers. A far less scattershot endeavor than their previous recording forays, the album has a stylish energy and broad aural palette. The basic tone throughout is one of unadulterated rock n roll with plenty of punch and verve, and heavy doses of soul, swing and R&B. Crisp, clear, melodic guitar lines by Anders Bruus and Lukas Scherfig are driven by the heavy grooving rhythm of Jackie Larsen on bass and Mikkel Hald on drums. And Toke’s glam-ass gutter punk vocals conjure Rod the Mod in full Faces glory. Funzalo boss Mike Lembo was turned on to the Breakers by producers Kolderie and Slade, and found the music irresistible. And that, my friends, is how Funzalo Records came to put out Here For A Laugh in the U.S. Anyway, we’re just proud as punch. America … Meet the Breakers DK!

The band’s wild energy is fueled by the weaving double guitars, the super solid rhythm section and smoky vocals and seamless harmonies evoking the Rhythm and Blues passion of Steve Marriott, Stevie Winwood, Chris Farlowe and Rod Stewart.

“A Stax-like rhythm section, Stones-y guitars, and some of the most soulful singing I’ve ever heard, delivering songs both Smokey Robinson and Van Morrison would be proud of.” – Little Steven Van Zandt



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